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Mona DeCamara

Principal Layout Engineer

Design Experience

I have over twenty years of experience designing high density, state-of-the-art PCB’s.  Additionally, I perform schematic capture.  I have also been responsible for library parts creation and maintenance of central library systems. 

I have experienced the fast-paced, high-pressure work environment of large consumer electronics companies, as well as the challenge of being a free lance designer.  In addition, I have worked with several highly recognized service bureaus, which has given me a variety of design exposure, including digital, analog, video/audio, test boards, power supply, high density BGA, flex boards, and more.  I currently operate a successful home-based PCB design service.


I am a rare PCB design professional whose capabilities and work ethics have few rivals.  My technical expertise and dedication to my job is exemplary.  My love of designing, along with my communication skills, design experience, and penchant for organization, has given me a large circle of happy customers.

I look forward to working on your next project

I am located in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon.